Digital Dermatology
As a dermatologist, I have been working in the Maastricht University Medical Center and the Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven for the past 7 years. Innovation in this area has steered my projects towards digital solutions and I am putting my time in a new startup, implementing new platforms, mentoring and consulting!
5 years ago, I started my own champagne import business with a good friend. Our business venture together is expanding and we are working on a
Sharing spaces
Recently, we were lucky to buy the most beautiful piece of housing in Maastricht! ``Hoeve Zonneberg`` will be our residence for the next few years. As we have done before, we are looking for a formula to give other people the possibility to enjoy our residence as well. Being a superhost on AirBnB, we are hoping to share a B&B variant next year here too!
A gift to my partner turned out to be one of the most cheerful projects of the last few years! This is Otis, a facebook page we are running now, is bringing joy to tousands of people over the planet! And hoping to help them with some personal issues as well, he is helping them out too!